Depression buster! 5k in 34:04. Felt great to be running again!

According to my scale I've lost six pounds in two days 😬

It's been almost a year since I ran regularly. I can feel my body reconfiguring itself, like it remembers what it needed to be and just needed a signal it was time to go back to the old me.

I forgot to put on my running underwear and holy crap are my thighs chafed. Ow ow ow ow ow

I'm so thrilled to have my 5k time back under 30 minutes so soon.

10 minutes to the start of the Gifford Cat Shelter "Meow Mile" 5k!

The little guy went back to daycare today after a two month hiatus. My depression is being held at bay. Time to get back in the groove!

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