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New rock climbing routes in Boulder and Joshua Tree, generated by a neural network. I like that you can tell which list is which, if you're familiar with both areas.

* correction
The license is CC BY-NC (share by attribution and NON-commercial use only) and therefor identified by Creative Commons as "This is not a Free Culture license"

You kind of expect that from FB, right?

This is clearly better than "all rights reserved" but don't let it fool you into thinking this is what the general spirit of "open source" is about.

What is the true definition of "Open Source"?

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tfw you hit the end of your exercise target and decide to keep going. :P

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The plants are still making babies and sending their sexy bits into the air right now in my part of the world. 🌼🌸🌻🌺🌷

My brain: Yay, plants! I get to eat them and breathe their oxygen.

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Just did 30min cardio (6th day in a row) and 10 minutes other exercise. Feels really good!

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Join the FSF and friends Friday, June 1st, from 12:00 p.m. to 3 p.m. EDT (16:00 to 19:00 UTC) to help improve the Free Software Directory, with this week's theme of health software.
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📈 This week €2753 and $472 have been donated by 1601 patrons to 481 creators and projects through

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"Social scientists have had their own share of high-profile controversies, from failing to secure the privacy of subjects to experimenting with people’s emotions without their consent. But many others have succeeded in meaningfully focusing on lives & experiences of subjects, from & border use of trackers & impact of collection on groups in major US cities to online & intimate partner abuse."

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"Resilience is the most important skill to cultivate, given the rapid rate of economic and technological change. Feeling good is all fine and good, but it’s fleeting. Learning to deal with difficulty, by contrast, improves your chances of feeling good again. That’s much more useful than clinging to an illusion."

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Hello there, time for my #introduction!

I am a mathematician and recently moved to #waterloo in #ontario, #canada.

I love the outdoors, #running, #hiking, #skiing, #sailing.

Except for that, I am also interested in tech topics and #programming.

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Fit Open

'Fit Open' is people powered, outdoor fitness & endurance sports.

This is our collaborative social space. We're establishing a community, across the globe. Choosing to step away from the centralisation of gyms. To firmly ground ourselves in the freedom of discovery, and participation of outdoor fitness & endurance sports. Our home is formed as a dependable, advertisement free, vibrantly safe space for all. We all need a little support to get us to our goals. We're here to connect as humans, share tips & advice, a supportive community when things turn tough, and celebrate those personal wins along with you.

Mastodon provides the framework of our social platform. It's open source and based on the Web standards body W3C recommendation -- 'ActivityPub'. Over 2,000 active instances are already federating together in excess of 1.3 Million diverse users, each adopting decentralisation as a true alternative. We're a new addition to these highly distributed instances.

Anyone can join us here in our Mastodon home. All we ask is that you observe our Code of Conduct*, linked below. Each instance has it own rules. If you're not a fan of ours, take a look at for alternatives.

Sign up today. By choosing 'Fit Open' as your home, you'll add your fitness lifestyle to this growing community.

Built by a for-benefit Social Enterprise*:

  • community owned & run
  • roadmapped* towards officially registering as a fourth sector* social enterprise* - until this official registration it's just me [David Ross] at the helm
  • for the ethical design, build, maintenance, and benefit of 'Fit Open' and its community
  • decisions are based on concensus* through a sociocratic* governance model
  • with measurable social impact*, transparency, sustainability, accountability, responsible social investment and social ROI, positive environmental impact - built in from the beginning

More details of how join in the creation of our social enterprise, will come in the months ahead. See our progress in the documents below.

Our FOSS* project

This social platform has been founded to drive interest, partnership, contribution, and investment towards a much needed fitness industry infrastructure model. Its MPL 2.0 copy-left open source licensed code-base can be found seperately over on Github*. This is being developed for human connection at the intersection of:

  1. Charitable Community - a network of doing good: individually and collectively
  2. Outdoor Activities & Locations - these environments are also deserving of our care, maintenance and support
  3. Outdoor Sports & Fitness Industry - trustworthy network of professionalism

You do not have to take part in this infrastructure building to take part in our community here on Mastodon. With transparency as key, it's important you know what drives our efforts.

Donations will help

Support our server running costs, community building, and platform development milestones. Help us get things done. Should we hit a surplus, this will be focused towards ethically designed projects (decided by consensus) which align with the community's collective, human centred mission.

Donate using Liberapay

Our guiding documents

These are open to being shaped by community members discussion and input.

Code of Conduct. How we respect each other.

Privacy Policy. What we do with your data.

Github repo. Contributors welcome. Soon to move to Gitlab, but we'll be retaining a mirror on Github.

Roadmap. The milestones towards full platform realisation.

Draft Ethics Policy. Designing our social impact.

Draft commitment to Open Source. Not only are we building a FOSS project, we are commited to further supporting Open Science, Open Data, Open Knowledge, Open Innovation, and Open Governance.

Is Mastodon really growing? What is this 'Fourth Sector'? What is a Social Enterprise? What is Concensus? What is FOSS? What is Sociocracy?