Final tweak done of the Fit Open intro, seen on the home page.

If fitness is your bag, come check it out. We're founding an ethically designed fitness industry business.

Community owned and operated.
Commited to the .

@artsyhonker ABSOLUTELY!

In our Code of Conduct you will find the following:

'Fit Open' endeavours to be a positive and safe space for all regardless of the following axes:
- Physical appearance
- Body size & shape
- Ability
- Experience level
- Diet
As a participant of this community and events, you agree to:
- welcome participation from every size.
More here:

@artsyhonker these are living documents. If you find we could improve in any way, please send me suggestions.

I hope you're having a lovely bank holiday weekend! ☀ /🌩

@david Thank you :-)

Will try to poke around more soon, but really glad to read that body size/shape and diet are not exclusionary factors in this space.

Preliminary thoughts: I wonder whether the ParkRun people are interested/suitably aligned?

@artsyhonker yeah those are GREAT! I plan to integrate with them. Also Good Gym is worth taking a look at.They include an awesome social impact model.

@david when I open the page in mobile Firefox, it's scrolled down to the login text box, rather than being at the top

@rubah Thanks for the heads up. I'll take a look over the weekend.

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