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No more excuses. Back into training. Not going to kill myself though. Today was at 50%.

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Have started getting up early and heading out running before work in the week now. I'm only on week 3, but I'm already pretty adjusted to it I think. I do feel a bit sharper at work for it, but the real benefit is the 'extra' hour I get with the family in the evening with the run already out of the way.

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Decent run this morning, didn't quite make my goal but my fastest pace post-injury. Trying to be more "intuitive" so watch just tells me how fast I did previous km, makes it trickier to hit goals than if watching pace, but I'm less likely to push too hard. #running

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Episode 96 of The East Coast Trail and Ultra Podcast is superb - "The Toughest Human In North America"

They interview Rhoda Smoker and Rhonda-Marie Parke about Vol State, a 314 mile run across Tennessee.

Rhoda won the race.

Rhonda-Marie did it alone.....Blind.

In complete awe of the woman.

(CW for the podcast. The guys are funny, silly, raucous, naughty and foul-mouthed. Use headphones)

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C'est parti ! My 2-month #running training for 20km_Paris started today. It's gonna be my 3rd one, will it be my best?

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Got another 30km ride in on the ankle. Felt stronger today. Hope I can get running again at the end of the week. Maybe trails next week? #cycling #trailrunning #ultrarunning #running

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Former #Diaspora user. Hopefuly this thing wont be shut down and lost like the last Diaspora pod I had an account in.
I' m a #Linux user and #OpenSource software fun. I run #Debian on my computers and servers, #GNOME is my DE of choice.
I play #FlightGear #FlightSimulator #Minetest #OpenWorld #VoxelGame and visit #OSGrid #OpenSim OpenSource #SecondLife

My hobbies are #Photography #Cycling and #Gardening

How are you today!?

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OK I probably didn't need to join another instance but here I am anyway.

I'm a composer, working on a PhD.

I have some chronic healthcrap issues, including jointcrap.

I love to walk.

I would like to improve my strength and cardio fitness.

I subscribe to a Health At Every Size philosophy.

I have today taken the initiative to REMOVE the following protected axes from Fit Open's Code of Conduct:

`Political identity`

We demand respect for our whole community. We strive to ensure the safety of every community member. Your political views do NOT eclipse our expectation for you to maintain a civil demeanor and respect to your fellow community members.

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I know there’s a perpetual debate about #cycling #helmets and I would never dream of forcing anyone else to where one forcibly. However, today I was cycling home and I was passing a couple of pedestrians on a shared path on a bit where some of it had been blocked off. As I got into the narrowed lane, I noticed too late that there was a very heavy low hanging branch on which I banged my helmeted head quite hard (I mean loudly).

#Bike #Biking #Cycle #Bicycle

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It was hot..i was slow..but the world was beautiful and i finished my 17k route again. The air is full of tiny insects, making it sometimes complicated to breath esp when one lands in the nose lol.
I have seen deers, rabbits and a young fox and lots of micro toads. :3 #running #runner #mastorunner #run #barefoot #vibram

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Body-positivity, bruises Show more

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I don't want to go back to #Strava, I don't want to use #Runalyze anymore because I can't self-host the app (not #opensource anymore). So, what I do ? #Running #Sport

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There are 2 main rivaling programs to handle your scientific references. One is free/libre software (#Zotero), the other is not (#Mendeley). Guess which one you should use?

Hint: if you use the closed source one, it will encrypt your article-database and not give you the possibility to decrypt and export it.

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OpenCycleMaps shows us just how much cycling infrastructure there is in the Netherlands compared to the rest of the world. Urban planners should ask themselves how many people should be transported through the city, not how many cars #opensource #openstreetmaps

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Did a 20km bike ride this morning, hoping to cram in some swimming before I'm back in the office. Been letting it slide a bit lately, gotta do something if I can't run.

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Few things scare me more than those who can spend their whole life without ever challenging the dominant dogma even once, those whose lives are spent in obedient pursuit of what the system wants them to want.

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