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It strikes me that my tendency to flit from one scheme to another in my exercise is not actually a bad thing, given the training effect whereby after about two weeks you just get more efficient at whatever it is you're doing.

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Have fallen off strength training routine, partly because of the aforementioned change in storage, partly because my wrists were complaining, partly because I spent most of 3 weeks in Aberdeen.

I did find something online called the "Nitric Oxide Dump" workout so have been doing that. I'm not convinced there's anything very special about it to provoke nitric oxide release, but it is short and easy to remember and feels good.

Missed strength training on Tuesday due to lack of executive function. Nearly didn't manage it today but just remembered and did. I feel better for it.

What changed?

My housemate stubbed his toe on the weights where I was storing them before, so I moved them, but the new place is less obvious; and this Tuesday morning I wasn't at home (I usually am).

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Posting again for the weekend people!

New, free sheet music, composed by me, to 15th-century words:


There's a YouTube recording at that link, as well as a link to the .pdf of the sheet music.


Artwork is by that @welshpixie

Today is meant to be a strength training day and I seriously do not feel like it, which is unsurprising given how little sleep I got for three nights in a row at the weekend.

I know I will feel better for it though. I have only just started to notice feeling a bit stronger in the day-to-day things, and I like that feeling lots.

Have started some strength training exercises from "Strong Women Stay Young". Really nice having something that doesn't require a lot of equipment but also isn't mostly floor-based.

I am doing a PhD, and I had fallen into the habit of referring to my supervisors as "GoodCop" and "BadCop" as a shorthand for the dynamic between them.

I may be behind the curve on this, but I now realise that assuming casual cop language is OK and comfortable for POC and others subject to police violence is naive and insensitive.

I'll be finding new nicknames for my supervisors.

Fellow white people, you may want to consider doing similar. It's a small change.

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So, one of the exercises I used to do at the gym, and which is very good for me despite jointcrap, is using a rowing machine.

I am far enough from the nearest rowing club that I am not going to get started with that anytime soon.

So, I'm wondering about building a rowing machine I could store and use outdoors. (Indoors is full.) I suspect this has to be an After The PhD thing, honestly.

(Will do cw'd version of this toot, for boosting.)

I'm super excited, though, because my OURA ring has shipped. I think it's going to make pacing myself a lot easier.

Theoretically, paying attention to how I feel subjectively should be "enough" but with collagen synthesis issues and the resulting joint and muscle pain it's not that simple.

Didn't walk yesterday and I'm super tired today. Lots of work to do, but I will be sure to get some movement in, probably in the early evening.


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Recently, though, I've felt like my toes are constrained, especially on longer walks.

So: I'll try some short walks in Xero Shoes sandals and see how I go. Their make-at-home kit was the cheapest "minimal footwear" shoe/sandal I could find. I have spent a small fortune on shoes in the last 5 years so really want to take care if I can.

I laced them up this morning and they feel...okay, so far.

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Experimenting with "minimal" footwear to see if, longer-term, it makes me less injury-prone.

Backstory: I'm pretty sure my custom orthotics caused my shin splints, then plantar fasciitis. The latter is a tricksy beast and tends to resolve itself given time, but what seemed to help me most was a combination of moving back to generic orthotics, and gradually increasing my walking.

I have an underlying connective tissue disorder, so none of this is trivial.

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